Sunday, March 23, 2014

Our next adventure...

This is pretty much old news if you follow me on Facebook or Instgram, but I figured I'd better document it here to make it officially official.... We're moving to Denver!

{Cricket's first and last trip to San Francisco!}

Nick got a fancy new job with Stryker (yep, same company that moved us out to California from Texas... and moved him from Nebraska to Texas before that.) We have a small division in Denver called Sports Medicine and Nick will be leading their finance team.

We are THRILLED! Funny thing is, I haven't been to Denver. But, I've heard such good things about it... 300 days of sunshine a year, close proximity to amazing skiing, much closer to our families in Nebraska and Texas..... the list could go on and on.

I will miss the California sunshine and weekend trips to Napa and Sonoma and all the great friends I've made here, but I'm ready for a new adventure and couldn't be happier with our move to Denver.

Our last day in San Jose will be Friday, April 11th! Less than 3 weeks away... and I'm in a fashion show next weekend, then we're headed to Santa Barbara the following week for my birthday (excited to cross that off the bucket list before we go!) so the next few weeks are going to fly by!

We'll take a few days to drive to Denver... should be a fun road trip with lil' Cricket aka "Fluffybutt" as we affectionately call her.

I'm still trying to figure out what I'll be doing for work. I will be working remotely in my current role until mid-May, then... who knows?! I've put some feelers out there so we'll see what happens. In the meantime, start planning your trips to Denver because we'd love to have visitors! I can't wait to explore our new city!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

We got a puppy!

Well, hello! I never intend to take such a long break from blogging, but I had to jump on to share...

We got a puppy!
Her name is Cricket and she's 8 weeks old.

At the pet store the day before we picked her up.
We got her a few toys and I practiced holding the toy Corgi!

We've had a week of puppy snuggles
and waking up in the middle of the night
and "No!" and "Good girl",
and we couldn't be happier with our decision.

Here she is 4 weeks old!

The day we picked Cricket up (2/2/14 - Super Bowl Sunday),
it was rainy in the valleys and SNOWING in the mountains.
Lots of snow.
It was a three hour drive from San Jose.
The breeder actually called to see if we wanted to postpone picking
her up because it was snowing so hard.
Um, no way!
I was ready for my puppy and my Nerbraskan
husband didn't have any trouble driving in the snow.
She rode in my lap the whole way home. We were a bit worried that she'd get carsick driving through the mountains, but she was a trooper! No problems at all.

(When corgis are born, their ears are down, and they stand up as they get a little older. Her ear is taped up in the pic above because it needed a little support to stand up on its own.)

Sweet girl loves playing in the backyard.

These ears!! They just kill me!

Her personality is really starting to shine.
She's just hilarious.
This week, her favorite pastimes are chewing on anything and everything,
playing in the dirt outside,
running and diving/sliding on her belly under the couch,
and sleeping on her back on the couch.

We just love our lil' Cricket!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Getting Lost

I was home sick with a cold  for a couple of days earlier this month and needed something to pass the day, so I turned to Netflix. Hmmm... what have I not seen....

... and now I AM HOOKED.

I know Lost was so 10 years ago. But, it sucked me right in and now Nicholas is addicted, too. That makes for a very unproductive couple. It means in the evening, instead of blogging, we're either at the gym (at least that's a positive thing!) or watching Lost. We just started Season 4 of 6. The bummer is I have no one at work (other that Nick, of course) to talk to about what happened because its so old!

Now, when Scandal comes back on at the end of February, I am going to have a hard time finding time to fit in all of my TV shows.

I really should have made a New Year's resolution to watch less TV, but since I never got around to writing those, I guess I'm in the clear until next year.. hehe.

Monday, January 13, 2014

A Date at Cantor Arts Center

On Saturday, Nicholas and I slept in... 
made a late breakfast... 
stayed in our PJs... 
watched a couple episodes of Lost... 
then around 1pm, I said,
"I feel like we're wasting the day! Let's go do something fun." 

And, so we did. 

Since we had such a great time on our first visit (and it's free!), 
we went to the Cantor Arts Center in Palo Alto. 

  First priority, a latte for him, tea for me, and an Almond and Apple Pastry with Whipped Cream to share.
 We perused the art...
 ^^The Thinker by Rodin

^^"Val Kilmer" per Nicholas

^^Funky painted plate lady

^^Mummy coffin and my hot date^^

There were several people perched around the museum with sketch pads, drawing out the paintings. It was a fun challenge to try to sneak behind them and get a look at their work. We also did quite a bit of eavesdropping on people interpreting the pieces to each other... some of them were just hilarious! But, my favorite art museum game is quizzing Nicholas... out of this piece and this piece, which would you rather have in our house? And see if we have the same answer! Yes, we keep ourselves pretty entertained!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2013, According to Instagram

A year of pictures, in 30 seconds! Enjoy!

Monday, January 6, 2014

First Weekend of the Year!

Happy Monday, y'all! Hope everyone's 2014 is off to a great start.

After all of our holiday travel on the cruise and in Napa, it was so nice to have a weekend at home with Nicholas. We went out for breakfast twice... and good thing I haven't posted any New Year's Resolutions yet, because neither of our breakfasts were close to healthy. Chiliquiles... Eggs Benedict... Chicken and Waffles. Oh dear. Good thing we also got a nice long hike in. While we were on our hike, we noticed that we were both decked out in our Stryker gear. Nick had on two layer of Stryker and a water bottle. I was wearing a Stryker fleece! Funny. We always joked about "drinking the Stryker kool-aid" and I guess we must've!

I also got a lot of blogging in (!!!!) and finished recapping our Christmas cruise and trip to Napa/NYE. I would love to do a year in review soon like I have in past years, but I am so behind - I need to catch up first. If you see blog posts out of order, that's because I have lots from the summer and fall to catch up on!  

Our weekend also included a trip to the farmer's market in Campbell, where we picked up some local produce, church on Sunday, taking down our Christmas tree and putting the holiday decorations away, and watching the 49ers beat the Packers in freezing weather.

I guess paying the premium for living in the Bay Area is finally in our favor... it looks like the rest of the country is really, really, really cold and we've been in the 60s and sunny! Stay warm out there!

Friday, January 3, 2014

What I got for Christmas...

no really... #funny #cat


But seriously.

Time to hit the gym!