Monday, August 10, 2015

Weekend Fun

This past weekend we had so much fun! On Friday, W and I walked to our neighborhood park (just under a mile away) to meet up with a group of other new moms in the neighborhood and their babies. We popped into the local coffee shop for a croissant and almond milk latte on the way. It was a gorgeous breezy day at the park and I had so much fun meeting the other new moms and talking shop!

We also had a fun lunch with Dad. We tried a new restaurant and it was so good! Even with a blowout diaper and an outfit change in the bathroom without a changing table, we still managed to have fun. :)

On Saturday, Worth and I made a shopping trip for some new little boy clothes. He's almost grown out of his newborn clothes (so sad!!), but the 3 month clothes are way too big. We got a mix of both newborn summery clothes and 3 month clothes for fall. It is so fun picking out itty-bitty clothes! Although, most of the time, W is just hanging out in his diaper or a plain white onsie at home!

5 weeks old and not too thrilled about his dinosaur toes!

Cutie pie!

Nicholas, Worth and I made a trip to Wash Park for a little stroll on Sunday. I remember walking around Wash Park when I was pregnant with Worth - I'd scope out all the moms' strollers and was excited for the day when I'd get to push my own baby around in our stroller. Now, here we are with our sweet boy! It's the little things that make me so happy!

Right around the time Worth turned one month old, things really started to click! I can finally get out of the house without it being a huge production. Well, it's still a production... stroller, diaper bag, Wubbanub, blanket, etc...but not a HUGE production like the first few weeks. I feel much more comfortable getting him in and out of the car, unfolding the stroller (those things can be tricky the first few times!), nursing in public and what not. I'm also physically feeling so much better following my C-section. I can walk a few miles and don't have any pain lifting the car seat and other heavy things.

I love my quality time with little Toots McGee during the day, but always looks forward to weekends when Dad's home from work! Hope everyone has a great week!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Worth is 1 Month Old!

It is unbelievable that our little sugar bear has been in our lives for a month! On one hand, it feels like he was just born and on the other hand, it's hard to remember life before him. Nick and I have learned so much in the last month... how to change diapers without getting peed on, how to get burps out, how to bathe a newborn, what Worth likes and what he doesn't like, how to comfort him, and so much more. I've called the pediatrician's office with questions only twice, but I've googled about a million things!

4 weeks old!

Cutest little feet and toes I've ever seen!

He's put on 2 pounds since birth, but is still a long, skinny guy!

At Worth's 2 week appointment, he weighed 8 lbs 3 oz (38th percentile), was 21 inches long (73rd percentile) and his head circumference was 15 inches (97th percentile!!). Little guy has a big noggin like his daddy... maybe it's a good thing he was a C-section baby!

Worth sleeps about 11 hours a day - according to google, newborns typically sleep 16 hours a day! Since he was born, he has been so alert and pensive. I love watching him take in the world around him. He especially likes looking at the light coming in through the windows and Dad's hair. And, it just melts my heart when he stares into my eyes!

He has blonde eyebrows and eyelashes... so you can barely see them! And, he has an old man hairline... his hair doesn't start until the very top of his head! Funny!

Thankfully, Worth sleeps more during the night that during the day. I haven't been as tired as I thought I would be. I imagined just being a zombie without showering or brushing my teeth, but I've felt pretty good. And, I've managed to shower everyday so far and even brush my teeth twice a day... although sometimes not until lunchtime! :)

Dad is a good multi-tasker!

I rarely nap when Worth naps, but I do love to just hold him and cuddle him when he's sleeping. Because of that, I don't get much done during the day other than hanging out with my sweet boy! Sometimes we sit outside in the shade, but mostly we lounge on the couch upstairs and watch TV. (I've been binge watching Hart of Dixie on Netflix while Worth is sleeping on my chest!)

Worth is currently eating every 1.5 hours during the day (hungry boy!) and will sleep one 4 hour stretch during the night! After all that eating, he's quite a bit gassy, as well! It's hilarious how loud the toots are that come out of his little body!!

Passed out with a full tummy after eating!

Breastfeeding has been one of my favorite things. Not only is it such an amazing bonding time for us, Worth is just the cutest after he's nursed. He coos and stretches and makes the most darling faces! When he's full, I'll put him on my shoulder to burp him and he just snuggles that chubby cheek next to mine and passes out. ADORABLE!

Nick and I have been peed on, spit up on and pooped on more times than we can count! We eventually learned to keep Worth covered up during diaper changes so he wouldn't pee on us... and the changing table... and the wall... and the shelf!

Cricket is pretty good with Worth... she wants to lick his little feet every chance she gets. I don't blame her! I kiss his little toes, too!

Worth has such a sweet little cry. It's more of a whine (like he's saying "Waaahh" and usually without tears!

We took a trip up to Dillon in the mountains last weekend and Worth was a champ in the car. Car rides put him right to sleep!

Our sweet friends have been the best! After my mom left, our friends signed us up for Meal Train and we've been getting delicious home cooked meals every other day! It has been such a huge blessing to just be able to warm up food and not have to worry about cooking. It's hard enough to make a bowl of cereal with only one free hand and a wiggly worm in the other!

It feels like my little baby has already gotten so much bigger.
I just love pictures like this that show how tiny he really is!

In this first month, I've only left Worth once! I got a mani/pedi when he was three weeks old. Nick is more than capable of taking care of him, but he can't quite breastfeed, haha, so I can't be away from Worth for long.

Worth rode in the Baby Ergo carrier for the first time this month. He loved it! We also tried the Baby K'Tan soft carrier, but he grunted and squirmed the whole time in there, so we're returning that one. I might try the Moby Wrap next for a soft carrier...

Family walk around the neighborhood!

First bath in the "big" tub!

And like I've mentioned before, our little guy makes the funniest faces. I've maybe seen one smile, but mostly he purses his lips and furls his eyebrows!

How can you not just kiss him all over!?!
Love my one month old bub!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Baby Mead: 8 months!

{Catching up on my "pregnancy journal" from the end of my pregnancy!}

{29 weeks}

{30 weeks}

{32 weeks}

{33 weeks on Mother's Day 2015}

{34 weeks}

{35 weeks}

How far along: 35 weeks on 5/24 (Memorial Weekend)

Baby's Size: Baby is the size of a coconut (Which is very fitting considering all the pina coladas I drank on our babymoon!)

Weight gain:  I'm up about 25 lbs now! Eek! Goal is not to exceed 35 lbs. 

Food Cravings/Aversions: Still craving Mexican food, especially tacos! I've had a slight aversion to pork, especially pulled pork. (Bacon sounds good, though!) Nick and I made a last minute trip to South Texas (more on that down below), and the silver lining was getting to see my family AND getting some amazing Mexican food. Nick said the food was so good, he now really understands why I crave it so often! 

Appointments: We've started our Natural Birthing class and our instructor is so helpful! We've practiced lots of pain management techniques and mainly just learned what to expect and what is "normal." One thing that we really took to heart from our birthing class was to make sure we were surrounded with people (care providers) that really supported us in our choice to pursue a medication free birth. After a not-so-encouraging conversation with our OB, we decided to switch from our doctor to a midwife group that practices at St. Joseph's, the hospital where we want to deliver. When I asked our OB if she supported natural birth, she said, "Yep, but you know, you don't get a gold star for not having an epidural" and "Doulas aren't medical providers, so you have to be careful what information they give you..." Totally NOT what we wanted to hear. It was kind of stressful deciding to switch to a new provider at 34 weeks pregnant, but I'm so glad we did. I love the new midwife group.  We also hired a doula, Barb, to help us navigate all the information and support Nick and I during labor.

Thankfully, all of our appointments have been short and sweet. Our little peanut is growing strong and healthy without any complications.  

{Super Dad at our Breastfeeding 101 class, which was really helpful!}

Maternity clothes: Maxi dresses are my favorite! So comfortable and breezy - perfect now that it's warmer outside!

Sleep: I really have been blessed with a great pregnancy and I've loved every second of it. I'm sleeping really well and feeling great. And sometimes when people roll there eyes at how good I'm feeling, I want to say "I deserve this!" but I never do... After finally being pregnant after 3 years of infertility, you better believe I'm going to cherish every moment and not take this pregnancy for granted.

Gender: ??? It's a surprise! My hunch is that it's a boy and Nick's guess is girl. We're 98% certain on our names for each a boy and girl, but we're not sharing! (So many fun surprises!) We really don't have a preference either way, but I'll be honest, it would be easier to decorate the nursery if we knew pink or blue!

Movement: The midwives confirmed that our baby was head down and I can feel a the baby's bum up by my ribs. I'm feeling lots of movement still, specifically kicks or jabs on my right side. It's so crazy that you can not only feel the movement from the outside, but see the little kicks too! I've tried to get it on video, but as soon as I start recording the little peanut stays still!

Symptoms: Heartburn. Dang heartburn. I'm taking Zantac for it (when I remember to) and Tums when needed. It doesn't matter what I eat... it's just constant! Oh yeah, the pregnancy hormones are in full swing... I've never been much of a crier, but lately I've just been a huge baby! Nick and I upgraded his Volkswagen Jetta "Vickie" recently to a bigger SUV and when we pulled up to Carmax to sell his car, Nick patted the dashboard and said, "Thanks Vickie, you've been a great car. Now be good to another family." and I just BURST into tears. Ugly, red face, can't.stop.crying. tears. I never really cared for that car, but in that moment, I was reminded of all the good times we had with that car... Nick picked me up for our first date in that car, we had it when we were married, and when we moved to California, and when we moved to Colorado, and when we went to our first appointments for Baby Mead. I could not pull in together, so finally I just went inside Carmax with a red face and pretended like everything was OK. Poor salesman what probably thinking What the heck is wrong with this chick!?

{Goodbye, Vickie!}

Best moment this month: Our best moment this month was definitely going on our babymoon. It was so fun laying by the pool in paradise, spending quality one-on-one time with Nick and watching my belly move, knowing that our little guy or girl loves (virgin!) pina colada's just as much as Mommy does! :) 

Also, I mentioned before that I was studying for an HR certification for work... well, after lots of cramming(!!!) I took my test on May 18th and found out immediately that I PASSED!! Woo hoo! I am now Lacey Mead, PHR (Professional in Human Resources). It was not the wisest plan to try to knock this test out while pregnant. When I wanted to be reading baby books and scouring Pinterest for nursery ideas, I was studying. It was brutal, but I'm SO HAPPY to have it the certification and be done with it. (And, I've vowed to never take another test again! Hah!)

Not the best moment this month: My grandmother, Baba, passed away in early May. Nick and I flew down to South Texas for the services. I was 32 weeks pregnant and thankful that I was still able to fly and be there. I put together a slideshow for the funeral and said some words to remember my grandmother by. It was bittersweet to see all of my family... it had been a really long time since I had seen a lot of my cousins (like 5 years!), but just wish it had been under happier circumstances.

{My family}

Nursery: The nursery colors are aqua and spring green. So bright and fresh! We made the decision to NOT finish the nursery until after the baby arrives. We want to personalize some of the things (like a big monogram over the crib) and will add pops of pink for a girl or more blue for a boy. We had a baby shower this week (and I don't have a single picture from it since the hostess took them all on her big camera... I need to get those!) and we are mostly set with big items. We are so appreciative of all our friends and family for coming together to help us get ready for Baby Mead, we couldn't do it without y'all!

{Cricket likes the nursery}

Mood: Lots of the big things that were stressing me out last month have been wrapped up (switching doctors, finding a doula, passing my HR exam...) so I'm feeling a lot better. I've been emotional lately, as mentioned above :) but I think its all pretty normal!

Looking forward to: Meeting this baby in about a month! Will our life be sugar and spice and everything nice or snips and snails and puppy dog tails? Will the baby have my nose and Nick's eyes?! Will he or she cry right away? I'm just so excited!

Friday, July 24, 2015

Two Weeks Old

Worth is just over two weeks old! The last two weeks have gone by so fast - too fast! My tiny little baby is getting bigger and bigger each day. (He's almost grown out of his newborn clothes!) While I'm excited to watch him grow and learn and develop, it makes me sad too. I just want to savor every single moment and not forget a thing!

We went on our first "family walk" last night in the neighborhood. Nick, me, Cricket and Worth. It was such a gorgeous, warm summer night! We may have walked a little too far, since I was reminded by some aching at my incision line that I did have a C-section just over 2 weeks ago and am still healing (as much as I hate to admit, since I want to be up and at 'em).

Worth is just the sweetest little guy. He is very serious and has the best expressions. I wonder if he'll grow out of some of the expressions or if those are just "Worth faces" and he'll continue to make them as he's older. 

I love when he sneezes, then makes the cutest "Ahhh" sound after.

Since he was born frank breech, he was used to having his legs up by his head. They have straightened out quite a bit in the last 2 weeks, but he still has "froggie legs"!

Worth is a great eater! He was 7 pounds 14 ounces at birth, lost down to 7 pounds 3 ounces in the hospital and was back up to 8 pounds 3 ounces by his 2 week appointment! Breastfeeding has been going really well. Other than just general soreness the first week and a half, I think we've gotten the hang of it! He's a bit of a "grazer" but I secretly love the fact that I am the one who gets to make him full, happy and nourished, so I don't mind a bit.

When he's transitioning from nursing to full on milk coma, he'll close his eyes, raise his eyebrows, sigh, and then stretch out as far as his can with his arms above his head and his back arched. Cutest thing ever! I need to get this on video!

"A mother's love" really is a powerful thing. I didn't understand how deep it was until I laid eyes on Worth for the first time and it just washed over me. It's only getting stronger and combined with all the hormones, just looking into Worth's eyes can bring me to tears. I just love him so much and am so thankful that he's here and he's perfect.

Worth doesn't like laying on his back unswaddled. Every time I lay him on the changing table, his arms fly back frantically like he's falling backwards. He doesn't put them back far enough to feel the cushion, so he just waves them around erratically. When Nick is home, we'll tag team diaper changes... one of us does the dirty work and one of us holds Worth's hands so he's not "falling."

He loves his daddy!

I need to learn some lullabies! When I desperately needed a song to sing to little W, the only thing I could think of was "Part of Your World" from The Little Mermaid. Nick and I will also sing "Beautiful Boy" by John Lennon, but it's hard to get through that song without tearing up!

Worth is very alert and it's so amazing to watch his eyes focus on different things (Dad's hairline is his favorite!) and discover the world around him.

Worth's first trip away from home after the hospital was to Babies-r-us for some little boy clothes when he was 4 days old. He went to his first party (a baby shower) when he was 6 days old. And, his first trip to a restaurant was when he was 11 days old... Vine Street Pub and Brewery. He was very well behaved each time.

(6 days old)

(11 days old)

We're not totally sure yet who he looks like... we're thinking mom's eyes, nose, toes and hair and dad's mouth, head (97th percentile!) and eyebrows. His eyes are still more gray than anything, but I'm seeing more blue in them these past couple of days.

He loves to curl up on mom's chest - and I love it, too! I've probably kissed him over a thousand times in just two weeks. I'm dreading the day he won't want to snuggle and let me kiss him all over!

Sometimes when he's dreaming, he'll smile the sweetest little smile. What do newborns dream about anyway?!

His umbilical cord stump fell off when he was 13 days old (yes, this made me cry, too!). We've given him a few sponge baths, but haven't done a full bath yet. We'll give it a go this weekend.

Funny how the little things are so monumental the first time around, right?! And since everything with a newborn is brand new, you better brace yourself for what this blog will turn in to! :) These are the little moments I never want to forget!