Sunday, November 22, 2009

Dancing the night away

Last night Nicholas and I went to
Kenichi and the Dallas Margarita Society Charity Ball
with Justine, Matt, Krista and Lauren.


There were a lot more people than last year and {a lot} more dancing!!

I love my friends so much and always enjoy spending time with them.

One cool thing about this charity event is that everyone brings an unwrapped toy to donate.
I took a Fabulous Day to Night Barbie Doll
Nicholas took a remote control Escalade!

I think the night is best summed up in pictures....

{Nicholas and I at dinner}

{Sushi time}

{Nick has finally mastered the chop sticks... I'm so proud of you, sweetie!}

{Nicholas, me, Lauren, Krista, Justine, Matt}

{main ballroom}

{dancing the night away}

{too bad we weren't playing with real money}

{tiger attack}

{alllll of the toys....}

Good times with good friends.

Today has been very relaxing...
looong nap...
looking forward to the short work week
and the road trip up to Omaha on Wednesday!

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