Monday, November 9, 2009

Gettin' my run on

I decided today that I need to start exercising {regularly} again.
When I moved into my apartment in May,
I cancelled my membership at
24 Hour Fitness because my building has a really nice gym.
However, I like to follow a routine...
at 24 Hour I would do kickboxing or a strength training class.
But, at my gym, I just get bored...
don't know what to do...
lose motivation.

{So...} I decided to start a running routine.
{Note: I am NOT a runner.}
But, I decided to do it anyway.

I found a Training Program for beginners on Runner's World
that gets you from {walking to running} in 8 weeks.

{Today was day one.}

Hopefully, since I am publishing this, I'll have the
accountability/motivation to stick with it.

There is a {wonderful} trail along the river right outside my doorstep,
but since it is getting dark so much earlier...
I ran/walked on the treadmill today.

{Run 1 min, Walk 2 min} x10 - Should last 30 min...
I think I may have miscounted because I was on there for
40 min... 2.8 miles!!

Rest of the evening includes:

Taco Soup + a Brownie{!} + Vampire Diaries episode from last weekend

1 comment:

Nick said...

you're motivating me to get my caboose in shape!