Wednesday, November 25, 2009

the good life

Happy Thanksgiving Eve! 

We are on our way up to Omaha! Left DFW at 7:15 am.
Both Nicholas and I are sooooo excited to see his family, especially Graham! 
The car ride has been painless enough.

I packed a cooler for the gourmet Mac and Cheese that my mom sent me 
{Thanks, Mom - Can't wait to try it!}
and threw in a few other goodies...
stuff to make sandwiches, 
dried apricots,
baby carrots, 
mini Diet Cokes, 
trail mix, 


So we've only stopped for Starbucks {yum} and gas.

I'm so thankful for Nicholas... he is a very attentive driver.
Although I've offered several times, he won't let me drive.
{Which is great, because I'd really rather not!}

Dave, Nick's roommate and grade school friend, is riding along with us too.
Dave is the best at thinking up hypothetical/open-ended questions like
"If you had to be in a commerical, 
what company's commercial would you want to be in?"
"What's your favorrite Christmas song and why?"
"What landmark or monument would you like to see...?"

So, that's really helped to pass the time.
We'll hopefully be arriving in Omaha around 6:00pm.

The plan tonight = go to Nicholas's sister's house to play with Graham.
The plan for tomorrow = turkey coma.

I {love} thanksgiving and I {love} that we are listening to Christmas music already! :)

I'm excited about the cold weather... I'll finally have a chance to wear my new boots. By the way, I decided to keep the over-the-knee boots and returned the other two. 

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