Sunday, November 1, 2009

Peer pressure

Well, I'm not in college anymore, but yesterday I sure felt like I was.
Nick and I went out to the {TCU Homecoming Game} around 2:45p.
We missed the kickoff at 3, but that's OK because we never actually made it into the game. We just tailgated throughout the whole thing!
The weather was great, actually a little warm considering today is the 1st of November.
I saw a bunch of old friends that I haven't seen in a long time and got to catch up with them. TCU dominated UNLV yesterday 41-0, making the Horned Frogs 8-0 this season. I'm looking forward to see if we move up in the polls at all from #6. I'm really not too sure how all that works, but Nick does his best to explain.
{Walking on campus to the field/tailgate area}
{Alumni tailgate}
{Haha, Joe Dirt... I think}
{Colin, old friend visiting from Indiana}
{Nicholas and me}
{Justine & Krista came out to Fort Worth, too}
{Colin and Krista}
During the game, Justine was doing her best to rally Nicholas and I for Halloween.
Her and Krista were going to a costume party in Dallas and she wanted us to join them.
But, like I said yesterday, Nick and I had no desire to go out... we hadn't planned any costumes, we were still exhausted from our busy weeks, Nicholas had homework to do the next day and didn't want to be up late, we didn't want to drive all the way to Dallas, if we did drive to Dallas we didn't want to drive back to Ft. Worth, etc.
Now Justine is just a little {social butterfly}.
She is a great planner and always has something going on.
She also won't take no for an answer if she wants something!!
Nick and I snuck out of the tailgate to get some food and to escape from Justine's peer pressure. But when we were enjoying the delicious burgers at Fred's Texas Cafe... Justine called.
{Getting some grub at Fred's Texas Cafe}
{the burgers here are supposed to be the best in FW; I still like Charleston's the best!}
Needless to say, Justine laid the peer pressure on thick and convinced us to go out. But, we are soooo happy she did! We had a blast! After dinner, Nicholas and I went to a costume store in FW for a last minute costume.
I ended up wearing a costume I had from a few years ago.
The Halloween party was really well done.
The furniture was moved out of the front room of this house which made a big dance floor complete with strobe lights, a fog machine and {PLENTY} of cobwebs.
There were about 50 people at the party and everyone had really great costumes. We met:
Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf
A Red Coat
A Blue Coat
{Jim Helpert's costume in The Office}
A mummy
A sailor
Bumble Bee and Bee Catcher
A prince
Lady Gaga
Chris Brown's girlfriend
{complete with broken arm and black eye}
A Wedgie
Roger Rabbit
Alice in Wonderland
A blind referee
{...the list goes on and on.}
I remember laughing so hard at some of the costumes my abs hurt.
{I love that feeling.}
We mingled, danced, and even witnessed a few keg stands! :) So yes, we relived our college house party days and enjoyed every minute of it. Though, I'm not enjoying it so much this morning... Oh, peer pressure.
{McDreamy/Dr. Mead}
{German Beer Girl, Dr. Mead & Alice in Wonderland}
{Red Coat, Alice and Beer Girl dancing}
{The Wedgie!}
{The Prince doing a keg stand...}
(Jim Helpert as Book-Face, the popular social networking site}

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