Saturday, November 21, 2009

Team Edward!

What is better than a night of popcorn for dinner + lattes + girlfriends + Edward Cullen?? 

I can't think of anything better.

Had {sooooo much} fun last night.


5pm: Leave work

6pm: Get to the Harkins Theater in Southlake

6:10pm: Get in line outside the theater with all the 12-16 year olds
{Ashley and Bailey}

7:30pm: Move inside the theater and get the BEST seats
{the ones with the bar in the front so you can put your feet up!}

7:45pm: I walked over to Starbucks to get us some Lattes while the girls saved our seats
{It's going to be a looong night}

8:45pm: Popcorn and Diet Coke in my Edward collector's cup

9:30pm: Twilight starts
{Hold on tight, Spider Monkey}

11:30pm: Intermission between the two movies...
the bathroom line was longer than the line to get into the theater

12:01am: NEW MOON... was amazing.
I loved seeing the movie opening night because everyone
in the theater was having so much fun.

The movie definitely lived up to all the hype!

Everytime Jacob took his shirt off in the movie
{which was a lot}
all the girls in the theater ooohhhed and ahhhhed.

You could just feel all the good energy in the theater!

2:30-2:50am: Drive home {sleepyhead}
{2:47am!! - on a work night}

Next count down: Eclipse {the 3rd Twilight movie} - June 30, 2010!

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