Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Twilight/New Moon

Had a super long day at work again today. 

Got in at 8:00am left at 7:30pm... I'm {exhausted}. 

One thing that I did enjoy though was that Amy, one of our PRN Dietitians, got to come in today to fill in for someone who was out. I hadn't seen her in so long, but always love working with her. 

Amy is probably just obsessed with the Twilight series as I am... If not more!

So whenever we see each other we have to catch up on the latest Twilight gossip.

We are so excited that New Moon is coming out soon. 

I am going to see it with a couple of the girls from work!

Seeing Amy again today reminded me of couple weeks ago... I was taking advantage of the rainy weather to indulge in a little guilty pleasure, so I re-watched Twilight. And, I admit, I watched every second of the bonus features and special features on the DVD. The movie left me wanting more of Bella and Edward. 

I mean, who knew that Stephenie Meyer's idea for Twilight came to her in a dream? 


Or, that Rob Pattinson is also a musician, talented at that, and two of his songs are in the movie? 

I'm not sure what about it drew me in so solidly. 

I {love} the Twilight series. 

It is pretty incredible actually - the story, the writing, the imagination, the shear velocity of my obsession, haha. All incredible. I just can not get enough of this stuff. 

I've started so many sentences in the past several months that begin 

{"The cool thing about vampires is..."}

and, I had the release date of the Team Edward shirts at Nordstrom on my work calendar. Although, I was able to convince myself not to change my screensaver at work to a picture of Jacob and Edward. It would just be a tough conversation with my high strung, 40ish(?)-year-old, male boss/director: Well, the cool thing about vampires is...

I remember that night I urged my mind to try to continue the Twilight story myself in a dream... starting from the end of Breaking Dawn. Needless to say, I didn't get very far.

I think I dreamt of Mexican food that night instead. :) 

I'll just have to rely on the author herself for that amazing story. 

I am now about halfway through the partial draft of Stephenie Meyer's {Midnight Sun}. 

I read on Meyer's website that Midnight Sun, which is the first book of the Twilight novel but from Edward's perspective, was illegally released on the internet before it was completed. 

I took that personally. 

I can not even imagine how it made Stephenie Meyer feel. Meyer decided to publish the partial draft on her website and not complete the book. 

Very disappointing. 

But, I am thoroughly enjoying it so far. Some of the scenes in the movie are making so much more sense.

{Sixteen days left in the countdown until New Moon!}

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