Monday, December 28, 2009

all smiles

Hope your Christmas was merry and bright.

Still all smiles when I think of the proposal and the exciting life Nicholas and I are going to have together. 

Round one of wedding planning is well on it's way:
We are aiming for a August-September wedding in DFW!! 

it was so hard to go back to work today after such a 
dream-like holiday. 
but, i'm not going to lie... i did enjoy showing off my ring!

Since we've been back in town we have 
skimmed through some wedding magazines, 
spent the evening shopping for a party dress for NYE 
and had some good conversations about our wedding like 
indoors or outdoors? 
Catholic or protestant? 
Yellow or navy or gray? 

Still so much to think about and for us to discuss, but I find joy and comfort in knowing that we both want to approach this as a team and that we love each other. And no matter what, we are GETTING MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to everyone for all the sweet comments. 
I love hearing from you.

I have to admit, I left out a VERY BIG PART of the proposal... Nick's travels and feelings about the whole thing. We'll fix that soon with a post from him.

Looking forward to Nicholas's birthday on Thursday and wearing my new dress from Anthropologie:

{pretty, huh?}

Just a few days left in 2009. 
time flies when you're in love and covered in diamonds. :)

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