Saturday, December 19, 2009


Nick's Christmas present is complete!! 
That's what I've been spending all my computer time on. 

This year we decided not to buy each other gifts 
{because we'd rather save our money for traveling in 2010}

I still wanted to give him something though... so I put my creativity and pathological picture taking to good use. I made a slideshow/movie/video scrapbook of all the great pictures we've taken in 2009. I used iMovie and iDVD on my Mac and it turned out great. 

I had this great plan of mailing it to him while he was in Nebraska so he could open it on Christmas Day. But, I got {way too} excited about it and gave it to him last night as soon as he got back from San Jose. I just couldn't hold back! 
{he loved it, by the way}

Because it's really long and I'm not sure how to put it on here... I made a little something-something today after work. This is hilarious!! 

For your viewing pleasure...

I would like to introduce...

My brothers, Allen and Austin
My Dad
My sweetheart, Nicholas 
And Brad Pitt {because I needed a 5th head}


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