Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Eve Proposal.

Christmas Eve 2009.
I will never forget this day because yesterday, on Christmas Eve,
Nicholas asked me to be his wife.

I said yes, by the way.
Actually, I think it was more like "YYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Here's what happened, in a {large} nutshell:

I went to Thanksgiving with Nicholas to see his family in Omaha. So of course, I thought it was just fair that he come down with me to visit my family for Christmas. Beginning in November, I asked him just about everyday to come home with me... but he always said no.

So on Sunday, he left for Nebraska and on Tuesday I left for home. 
On Tuesday, I talked to him throughout the day... "Oh, man. It's snowing pretty bad here..." and "Just running errands with my dad" and "I'm going ice fishing tomorrow with the boys..." Pretty typical stuff. 

Christmas Eve morning we texted back and forth:
Nick: Gone fishing. I'll call u when we get done and our bellies are filled with trout! Love you so much, wish we were together.
Lacey: Haha catch the big one for me :)
{couple hours laters...}
Nick: It's cold!!!! Brrrrr. u cozy in bed?
Lacey: No i got up at 9. it's colder here today.... 67 now. will be in the mid 70s later. catch anything yet??
Nick: Couple of small boys... no big boys yet. .... K my hands are cold. I'll call you later, love u!
Lacey: love u 2

Seems innocent enough, huh!?!

{unsuspecting, taking Christmas pictures with my brothers}


Well around 12:30 or 1, my dad went out for a few last minute grogercies. I asked for Lemonade and Diet Coke. About an hour later, Dad got back home and said, "Hey Bess {my nickname}, I left the Diet Cokes in the car, will you go get them? It's open..."

I walked outside, down the driveway to my Dad's car. As soon as I got close... Nick's head popped up from the passenger seat!!!! I did a triple-take to make sure it was actually him, then ran over to his side of the car. I was SOOOOOOOO HAPPPPY to see him.
Then he said to me, "Wait, I have an even bigger surprise."
He pulled a little blue box out of his pocket, got down on one knee, and asked,
"Lacey, will you marry me?"

I still can't believe it. I was just so shocked and in awe and thrilled and excited... so many feelings at once. I don't even remember saying yes. I just kept hugging Nicholas and kissing him and hugging him some more.

My parents and brothers were all in on the surprise. And my grandparents...and Nick's family. Pretty much everyone knew!!

After lots of hugs and a champagne toast, we called our friends and family to share the wonderful news!

Since then, I've been all smiles.
I'm going to marry my best friend.
I'm the luckiest girl in the world.

And, my ring is GORGEOUS!! Nicholas did a fanastic job.
{designed by Nicholas, made just for me!}
Ahhhh... it's more beautiful than I even imagined!!

Let the wedding planning begin. :)
Merry Christmas everyone!!!


Justine said...

Yay finally pictures to capture the wonderful moment!!! I'm soooo excited for you two! The ring is beautiful; can't wait to see it in person. Love ya and see you soon. Congrats!!

Allison said...

YOOOHOOOOO! i am soooooooo incredibly happy for you two! i would ask if you've set a date yet, but I know that can be annoying haha. But definitely keep me updated! Tell Nick good job : ) and the ring is gorgeous! My little Lacey deserves only the best, and I believe you have found that : ) Congratulations again! Love you and call me whenever you get a chance!

Nicole Hoff said...

Soooo romantic! I hope to meet him and see you soon! Let the wedding planning begin! Congrats!!!
ps the ring is gorgeous!!

callie said...

Wow...what an awesome surprise! The ring is gorgeous too! I'm so happy for ya'll. Yay! On a side note, I really really love the bangs! Merry Christmas!

Lauren said...

I am seriously so excited for you two!! Gah I wanna see you!

Lauren Jones said...

Yay! Lacey that story is great! I am so happy for you!!

Yelena said...

awww. this post made me believe in true love and happiness and made me smile! :) i'm so happy for you! :) that is the cutest story! :) and that ring is absolutely amazing! :) congrats! :)

Liesl said...

I just now read your proposal story and saw all your adorable pictures and I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed reading cute and such a wonderful surprise and wonderful gift for Christmas! :)

Liesl :)