Thursday, December 10, 2009

get up and go

OK, let me be honest... it is too freakin' cold here to get up at
6 o'clock in the morning and run.

i can not {for the life of me} drag myself out of bed in the morning until the last minute
{with just enough time to get to work when I'm supposed to}
and when I get home... all if want to do is put on my leopard pajama pants and wool socks and an old, super soft sweatshirt and get under my heating blanket and have some personal time with my computer.

{because I obviously don't get enough time on my computer at work... all day long}

So... if you have noticed my miles counter on my sidebar, you know i'm not sticking to my training program.

uuuggghhhh, I was good {so good} for the first 13 days or so... then it got cold.
The silly part is... when I was getting up and exercising - I LOVED IT.

I felt sooo good the rest of the day and i could feel my muscles toning up.

and, I like being a morning person.

although, it doesn't really come naturally; it is so hard to get out of bed.

but once I am up, I'm good. the morning can be so peaceful and enjoyable when you're not rushing to get everywhere on time.


I've made up my mind... I'm going to start again from the beginning of Week 2 on the training program TOMORROW morning.

Feel free to leave some encouraging words! :)