Tuesday, December 22, 2009

is it too late for one of these??

Although my Christmas Wish List was completed earlier this month,  I just found somethings I want to add to it.

So... If anyone is just searching for the perfect last minute gift {or gifts} for me, this would be fantastic.
Or, if by any chance I get some moolah, I'll know what to do with it. 

Disclosure: I don't actually expect to get all the things I've listed on my wish lists... but, hey, a girl can dream. 

Holga Camera from here
{Oh, and I'll need the 120mm film, too!}

This camera takes the most interesting, beautiful, dreamy pictures.
Sample pictures here

or how about these Hunter Rain Boots in Forest Green

And I just love these coffee mugs and plates from Anthropologie. 


Flying home in a few hours. 
I'm so so so excited to see my family. 
Allen is driving in from Corpus today, too.
Can't wait to give my parents their Christmas present. 
I think they'll love it!


Nick said...

mmmmm....I thought you only get to send Santa one Christmas list?!?!

Lauren said...

funnnn- i got a holga this fall and its super fun! AANNND I got a dslr for christmas :) DING!