Friday, December 11, 2009

Need a laugh??

I have some good news to share!

Found out that Nicholas won $500 for being first runner-up for the Total Performance Award at work today.  We are going out tonight to celebrate!! 

{don't look sooo surprised, Nicholas!}

also, my sweet little younger brother told me he got a 100 on his final. Smartypants. I'm so happy he's found something that he really loves {working on airplanes}.

{6'6" and growing...}

I'm so proud of both of you!

Ok so now for the laughter...
I just came across this blog: CakeWrecks and it is HILARIOUS!
It made me LOL {literally}
If you want to laugh today, you have to check it out.

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Nicholas said...

...and also celebrating the end of the school semester! no work...we're going to watch movies ALLLLL day. Good start this morning by watching "It's a Wonderful Life."