Saturday, December 5, 2009

one minor detail

So last night was the night that Nicholas and I were going to get into the holiday spirit by decking my apartment out with the Christmas decor.... tree, ornaments, lights, santas, etc.

We met at my apt around 7:30, ran over to Hobby Lobby for a few last minute ornaments, stopped by the liquor store {that was obviously selling to minors - but, that's another story} for some Bailey's {to make the Hot Chocolate a little more exciting}, then to Tom Thumb for some hot chocolate ingredients and marshmellows... then finally back to my place at 8:45.

We started to pull all the big bins that house my decorations out of the closet when I asked Nicholas,

"Wait a second, where is my Christmas tree?" 

My apartment isn't that big and there is really only one place for storage and the tree wasn't in there. Dang it. Then, I remembered that because of my lack of storage, the Christmas tree was in Nicholas's shed in Irving {30 minutes away - one way}.

So needless to say, we didn't get the tree put up yesterday as planned. We did as much as we could with the decorations that don't involve the tree and still did our 2nd Annual Ornament Exchange. {Which I'll reveal once we get the tree up...}

The Bailey's and Hot Chocolate was delicious and we watched Love Actually, which is for sure my favorite holiday movie and probably my favorite movie in general.

The rest of the weekend involves:
- Meeting up with Meghan for cocktails tonight
- Cheering on the Huskers in the Big XII Championship
- And {cross your fingers}, getting the Christmas tree up and decorated

Are your Christmas decorations up yet??

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