Tuesday, December 15, 2009

tis the season

Flying home for Christmas 1 week from today... 

Had our Secret Santa and Dietitian's Holiday Lunch today. I got a cute holiday mug, a gift card to starbucks and some hot cocoa mix! I love it! 
We went to Mac's on 7th in Fort Worth & I had the guacamole burger {yes, with fries} and it was sooooooo good. 
Mexican food is by far my favorite type of food, but burgers and fries are 2nd. 
{yes, I'm a dietitian.} 

Nicholas is flying to San Jose, California Thursday morning for business.  He is such a rock star at work these days! I'm gonna miss him. Wish I could go, too. It would be great to fly out there and spend the weekend in San Francisco and see all the Christmas decorations in the city. Nick has never been to California... wish I could go with him for his first time. Don't think he'll be able to get out to San Fran though. 

He'll get back Friday night, but then he's probably driving up to Omaha on Saturday or Sunday {depending on the weather} and I'm working this weekend. 
STILL trying to convince him to come home with me for Christmas... 
60 degrees and palm trees and the best Mexican food ever 
snow drifts and shoveling snow and no Lacey
He's not giving in.

I've been working really hard lately and i can feel it taking a toll on my body. I need to get some more sleep and be sure to eat my fruit and veggies. 
My throat has been a little scratchy today... :(  Hopefully, I don't get sick.

Better get some rest...

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