Monday, December 7, 2009

the tree is up!

i finally got the tree up...
I have 14 days to enjoy it before flying down to La Feria for Christmas with my family.

unfortunately, because the tree was stored in Nick's shed - it kind of smells like ant killer and gasoline mixed together. not the pine tree smell that I loved when we had real trees at home.
I'll have to get a Christmas tree scented candle ASAP.

otherwise, it looks great and surprisingly all the bulbs are working.
all of our special ornaments from our tradition of
exchanging ornaments look great on the tree, too.

last year {christmas 2008} was our first Christmas together... Nicholas and I had been dating about 6 months by then, and that was when I had the brilliant idea to give each other an ornament on the day that we decorated the tree.

A little back story here...
Nick and I first met in September 2007 in Austin for a UT/TCU football game:
{everyone was sad that TCU lost... Nicholas had no idea what was going on}
(ps. nick is on the left and i'm the blonde girl in the middle in the front row.)

Here we are together...
{dave, i don't think you're supposed to be driving that...}

BUT, we didn't start dating then...
when we met again about a year later {4th of July 2008}
that is when there were fireworks... you know what I mean.

Bad timing though...
because 7 days after that {we had gone on two of the best dates}
Nicholas flew to Canada for a week for fishing with the all the men in his family...
Even worse timing...
the day he was flying back to DFW
I flew to Europe for 3 WEEKS!

After only two dates... we were separated for a month!
But, we both knew that there was something very special about the other...
we emailed the whole time i was traveling.

So, for our first Christmas ornament exchange, Nicholas gave me:

{the eiffel tower and a "merry fishmas" lure}

Ok, now for mine to him {last year}...
we have a running joke with all of our friends where we call each other
"piggie" or "bad wittle piggie" if we are eating something not-so-healthy...
Nicholas and I had had plenty of moments where we ate "piggie food"... so I gave him:
{a piggie}

Cute, huh?

Now this year's...

In March 2008, Nick and I were in an awful car accident... we were hit by a drunk driver on a big highway in Dallas. My car flipped twice and we landed up-side-down. We were sooo lucky to walk away with only minor cuts and bruises. So, fittingly, Nicholas got me:

{a beautiful angel... because our guardian angel was
most definitely watching over us that night}

I'm noticing a trend...
Nicholas is more sentimental with his gifts...
and I am a little more humorous.. ;)

One of our favorite things to do on a Saturday or Sunday morning is sit {outside if possible} and listen to relaxing music like Jack Johnson or John Mayer and drink coffee and eat Betty Crocker blueberry muffins {from a mix} and just talk. Before Nicholas and I started dating, he never drank coffee. And he didn't really like it at first... but I drink so much of it, he started having some now and then.
Now he doesn't function without it!!!

So this year, I got him:

{it's true}

A random collection, I know. I love them though!

Here is the rest of the tree:
{my TCU ornament sticks out like a sore thumb}

{nicholas studying in the office/dining room;
he has finals this week for Graduate Accounting and P.R}

{now I just need some presents under that tree!}

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