Tuesday, December 1, 2009

the weather outside is frightful

back in Funkytown and it's drizzling and about 42 degrees

nothing like Omaha... the weather was great - nice and sunny, actually

i had such a good time!

- Met Graham {what a sweetheart!}
- Went out to the Dubliner in downtown Omaha
- Met Lily, Nick's bestie's 10 day old baby
- Drank a lot of wine... ;)
- Had a feast for Thanksgiving
- Then, ate the BEST leftover turkey sandwich ever
{wheat bread, leftover turkey, stuffing, Miracle Whip, Cheddar, cranberry}
Oh, it's sooo good.
I remember 2 years ago maybe,
Mom taught me the secret order of ingredients on the sandwich
and it makes such a big difference.
- Went to see The Blind Side {wonderful movie!}
- Met Aaron, Nick's older brother
- Toured the new house in Blair, Nebraska
- Helped the Millers move into the new house
- Scrubbed the @#*$#% out of a deep freezer aka. initiation {haha}
- Watched the Husker's win at the classiest bar in Omaha, Pat and Mike's
- Had the longest WebCam conversation ever
with all of Nicholas's family on the West Coast
{2.5 hours!}
- Drove about 4 of the 11 hours back home {in the worst traffic ever}

{my driver}

{Graham in his awesome outfit}

{Graham and his uncle Nicholas, grandpa, mom and dad}

{ok, i'm hungry now... where's mom??}


{lillian noelle bragg, 10 days old}

{gooooo huskers}

{the freezer}

{my muscle man}

{was an old school house, originally built in 1940}

{sun room}

{soon to be wine cellar}

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