Monday, January 25, 2010

fajitas and 'ritas.

Saturday night we went to Joe T's for some
delicious Mexican food and margaritas.

{we are trying to get a reservation to have the Rehearsal Dinner here,
but still haven't had any luck talking to the person we need to...
she was "on the other line" when i called on 3 different days last week
and never returned my messages. today she is out sick.
and she is the only one who can help me,
according to the girl who answers the phones.
if I didn't love Joe T's so much, this experience would
have made me abandon and look elsewhere.}

regardless, Saturday night was a blast. we literally had about 30 people there.
after Joe T's we all met up at Capital Bar off University.
which has a wonderful rooftop patio. too bad our propane heater stopped
working and we had to move inside.

p.s. i photoshoped my bangs.
they are actually about 1 inch shorter than that... still growing

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