Wednesday, January 6, 2010

going to the chapel

Well, hopefully.

Nicholas and I didn't quite realize how difficult it would be to have
a Catholic wedding!
I also didn't realize {until yesterday} that in order for the Catholic church to recognize your marriage, it must be a Catholic wedding with a Catholic priest AND Catholic priests will only marry you in a church
{as opposed to in a garden, etc}.

Unfortunately, our favorite church in Fort Worth
{Saint Patrick's Cathedral with breathtaking stained glass}

requires one year of membership {a.k.a. donations} before you can be married there.
We don't want to wait that long.

So on top of both of us suffering from a nasty cold
{i called in sick to work on Monday}
 we've been trying to figure everything out!

I would love to get married at this darling chapel...

{Marty Leonard Community Chapel}

Cross your fingers!


Nicole Hoff said...

i totally pictured yall with a destination wedding somewhere exotic or romantic. ;) but those churches are soo beautiful! where do you attend church now? i loved pre-marital counseling with matt that our pastor started months before the wedding. so if you can find someone that does the counseling & ceremony, you may really enjoy it.

L A C E Y said...

we have been going to St. Patrick's recently... but we're not officially members. yes, we will being doing some kind of classes/counseling... just not sure with who!