Tuesday, January 12, 2010

guest post from my love, Nicholas, re: Christmas Eve Proposal

thanks everyone for all of the congrats!! it was a great experience that I will never forget.... although, Lacey did forget to mention a few small parts.

As she mentioned and you all know, when Lacey has something in mind, she will ask 20 times a day and continue to work for what she wants, which is of course why i LOVE her. Lacey wanted to be together for Christmas, so she let me know it. And here in lies the problem. I had been planning on surprising her for Christmas for some time, but had to be the bad guy and say no to her persistence.

Also, leading up to the proposal was a little hectic. Within 5 days before the proposal I had taken a final for my Grad Accounting class, flew to CA for work, drove to and from Nebraska, and flew to South Texas. Basically, I had to drive 22 hours to and from NE only to stay there for 40 hours just to throw Lacey off from the surprise. BUT IT WAS ALL WORTH IT :) To make matters a little more stressful, an ice storm followed by a blizzard was ready to strike Omaha and my flight was leaving from Dallas.

Once I arrived in Harlingen, my nerves took over and the next few hours were a blur.....all I remember is a loud scream and most importantly a "YESSSS!:)".


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