Saturday, January 16, 2010

why would someone who calls themselves a professional do this to another human being?

{not happy}

{at my hair salon}
Lacey: "Hi, I know I don't have an appointment, but is Ray in today? I just need a little bit trimmed off my bangs."
{ray = my usual guy}

 Receptionist: "No, but _____ can help you. He's available right now."
Lacey: "I just want my bangs trimmed a bit. I still want them to touch my eyebrows."

New Guy: "Ok, no problem. We'll start slow so I don't take to much off. We can always take more off after if you want."

{New Guy cutting into my bangs as i'm facing away from the mirror}

Lacey: "What are you doing?"

New Guy: "I'm taking some of the weight off so they aren't so heavy and blunt."

Lacey: "Whoa, but I want them heavy and blunt, like they were. I just wanted them trimmed to my eyebrows."

New Guy: "Yep, that's what I'm doing."

{New Guy still chopping away}

Lacey: "I'm sure they're short enough by now..."

New Guy: "I'm almost done. I'm just a perfectionist. I want them to frame your beautiful face."


See everyone in about 3 weeks when these babies are grown out....

1 comment: said...

hahaha. this made me laugh, a lot. i hate when hairdressers do what they think is "best" for you without you asking. grr.