Saturday, February 20, 2010

ABCs about me

Age: 23.
Bed size: full. but you can't really tell because i have 8 pillows on there.
Chore I hate: dusting and handwashing dishes.
Dog's name: i don't have a dog. :( but, if i did i'd name him george or her june.
Favorite color: blue, i think. but, i've really been into yellow lately.
Gold or silver: depends. gold medal. silver flatware. gold earrings. silver lining.
Height: 66 inches.
I am: engaged to loveliest man on earth.
Job: clinical dietitian.
Kids: cutest from 10 months to 3 years old.
Living arrangements: 672 square feet all for me!
Mom's name: rhonda.
Nickname: miss bess, fajoli, lace.
Overnight hospital stay: haven't had one yet, thankfully. although 2009 took us to the ER 3 times.
Pet peeve: when nick picks at his nails but won't just get the clippers out. 
Quote from a movie: oh geeze, i'm not sure.
Right or left handed: right.
Siblings: milton allen, 25 & michael austin,  21.
Time I wake up: M-F 6:45am; weekends 8:30 or 9; every other wednesday 4:45am.
Unique thing about my car: her name is Rosie, i got her in March 2009.
Vegetable I hate: peas.
Ways I run late: stalking blogs & drinking coffee & watching the morning news until i have to get ready. then, having nothing to wear.
X-rays I've had: chest, to make sure i didn't have tuberculosis when the arm test was positive. {i didn't}
Yummy food I make: salmon cakes are nick's favorite.
Zoo favorite: monkeys or hippos.

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my name is lauren. said...

hippos are my favorite too. but they're so elusive. they never come out!