Sunday, February 7, 2010

cake tasting

what a fantastic idea!
find a bakery. make an appointment. eat cake for free.

we should do this even after we're married.

nick and I went to our first cake tasting on saturday at 

it was an "open house" so we didn't have to make an appointment. 
they had samples of several of their most popular flavors.

after i discussed what i wanted with the baker, nick looked at me with these wide eyes.
"i don't know what all those things mean..." 

so i explained the difference between buttercream and fondant, etc.

our favorite was almond cake with white buttercream.
{we were even given a large slice of our favorite to take home with us}

i really love this simple cake with the butterflies on it from Martha Stewart.
this is the inspiration for my wedding cake.

we received a quote, loved the service, etc.

however, we may have to try out a few more places before we make up our mind! :)

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