Wednesday, February 17, 2010

dietitian experiments

two of my coworkers and I have decided to do an experiment. 

we are going to be 100% vegan for 1 week.

we have been having more and more vegan clients or at least questions about veganism. never trying it for ourselves, it has been difficult to counsel on. 

we are starting on march 1st.

tonight after work i stopped by central market. the perfect place to shop for speciality foods.

I decided to get a head start. 

first of all, i bought vegan/gluten free/soy free/tree-nut free "frozen dessert"
aka Vegan Ice Cream

i sliced up some delicious strawberries and dove in.
i have to admit, i wasn't quite sure what to expect from "hemp-milk" but it was great!
seemed creamier than regular ice cream, actually. 
i liked it!

secondly, i bought some soy creamer for my a.m. coffee.
haven't tried this one yet! I'll let you know tomorrow. 
but, I love hazelnut so i'm sure i'll like this one, too.

i got other "vegan" things of course tabouleh, asparagus, green tea, spring mix, etc.
but the creamer and ice cream are totally new things for me!

need to start pulling together some more ideas and recipes, 
march 1st will be here before i know it!

UPDATE: good morning, just had my coffee. creamer's not bad, but i'm not sold. i'm just used to skim milk in my coffee. likely it'll be better tomorrow, then the next day, etc. just need to get used to it, i guess. but, overall, really not bad at all.


Nick said...

....I'm not excited about the trial run. If Lacey tries veganism....Nick tries veganism. Soy creamer was not a good start at 5:45 am...

Debbie said...

Sounds interesting, keep me posted and good luck

callie said...

Lacey- try looking up recipes on Vegan Yum Yum. I love their site! They also have an awesome iPhone app. I'm made the asparagus tart and a few others.