Wednesday, February 24, 2010

hello teamwork

Prepare to be amazed at all we've accomplished. 

Getting Moms scheduled to come in town for Wedding Dress shopping
{march 11th! i'm so happy they'll finally meet}

Addressing 120 Save the Dates myself

Nicholas stuffing 120 Save the Date cards in their envelopes

Wedding Website up and running

Guest list Excel Sheet

Addresses {well, 98% done}

Wedding planner hired 

Reception booked at the Worthington

Phase One of Wedding Preparation classes completed

What I'm working on:
Still looking for bridesmaid dresses

Keeping in contact with Lucia

Finding inspiration for flowers and details

What Nick's working on:
Being supportive of everything I'm doing

Juggling crazy hours at his real job

What we're working on:
Meeting with Event Planner at the Worthington to discuss our menu

so many fun things. 

can you believe it's almost march! i'll be a vegan in less than a week.

everything has been going smoothly and i couldn't have asked for a better fiance to share all this with. nick, you've been so supportive and willing to help and patient! :) thank you. I'm so lucky to have you in my life.

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my name is lauren. said...


you're so organized! i wasn't nearly so organized when i got engaged. we had a 10-month engagement and after the first 3 months i took a 4 month hiatus from most anything wedding related. needless to say the final months were pretty busy. haha! good for you for being on top of things.

oh...and i think it's so cool that you're taking marriage prep classes. my husband and i took pre-engagement classes through our church and thought it was very beneficial. i think no matter how much you prepare, there will probably still be surprises, but better to get all the big issues out on the table ahead of time.

just noticed you became a follower of my blog and i wanted to say hello. you and your fiance are adorable. and congrats on your engagement. such an exciting time!