Thursday, February 4, 2010

pleasantly surprised

i have to admit i was a little skeptical about 

But, actually I loved it! 
I'm so happy Nicholas and I are doing this. 

We took a "test" to see if we had major differences in our beliefs on anything.
{we'll get the official results in a couple of weeks}

there were 164 {literally} statements like 
"We will not have conflict in our marriage because of how strong our love is."
"I am comfortable with my future spouse's career path and goals."
"We disagree on which traditions we will introduce to our children."
 and we had to chose agree, disagree or uncertain.
{it took about 2 hours}

Nicholas is the idealist and I am more of a realist. 
i know we won't have any major differences, 
but this definitely opened the door to lots of conversations 
we need to have now to avoid conflict in the long run.

even little things like... should you consult with your spouse if you are going to buy something over {what ever amount}, $100, $200.... whatever. 
so one day he won't comes home from getting eggs at target with a 52 inch flat screen T.V. 

these marriage prep classes will help us set and agree on our expectations so one person doesn't just assume one thing and the other assumes something else.

we didn't meet with a deacon or priest, so we don't know who will preside 
over our wedding yet, but someone from the church will be getting in contact with us soon!


Debbie said...

I am so happy that you were pleased with your first meeting. I feel this will be worthwhile for both of you. There are many issues that they will bring up for you to discuss. Now take the time to discuss them! Keep me posted

Meghan 'Poydock' Mullinax said...

I told you it wasn't bad!