Saturday, February 27, 2010

ready to go back...

last october {2009} nicholas and i went on a 7 day cruise around the caribbean with my parents. 
it was so much fun. 
i made a video/slideshow from the trip for my parents' christmas present. 

now, i've finally figured out how to get it on my blog. {yay}

{i've also made similar slideshows from my other travels. i'll try to get those on here soon, too!}

watching it again brings back all those good memories. i can't wait to go back!!


April said...

Oh man, I love your slideshow. We're going on a Caribbean cruise at the beginning of May, and I can't wait!

Did you guys do excursions with the cruiseline, or did you just go places by yourselves?

J said...

We went on a Caribbean cruise too, for our honeymoon. That was almost 3 years ago though. I have the best memories of that trip!