Tuesday, February 23, 2010

warning: this post is about blood.

guess what?! 
i donated blood on tuesday. 

i've never donated before but i just felt inclined to.

i work in a hospital where people need blood all the time... 
and i haven't done much community service this year. 
{i volunteered at a health fair for women in January, but that's about it!} 

also, i talk to people about their cholesterol everyday, but I don't know what mine is. 
{high cholesterol runs in my family}

i don't know what my blood type is, either.  i'm curious.

so I decided to donate. 

I didn't watch them put the needle in my arm, but i did see the tubes fill up quickly! gross, i know. apparently I have good veins. :) woo hoo.

i'll find out my cholesterol level and blood type in a few days. i know this is really weird, but i'm excited to see what it is!

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