Saturday, March 6, 2010

back to normal.

friday at 5 pm exactly i left work and called one of my favorite mexican restaurants for a order of enchiladas to go. chicken sour cream enchiladas. :) 
they were so good.

being vegan was a good experiment, but it's definitely not the lifestyle for me. 

i know now how difficult it was for edward in twilight to be a "vegetarian" vampire. 
haha. totally kidding. {but seriously.}

i resumed my normal diet just in time for our 2nd round of cake tasting. the first time it was so good, I decided to bring my MOH, Justine, and bridesmaid, Lauren, along for the fun. we spoke w/ the owner, placed out deposit and enjoyed some more cake.

silly me... 

hope you're having a fantastic weekend!

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