Tuesday, March 30, 2010

birthday blizzard.

for my birthday in april, dairy queen 
{yes, i'm on the mailing list, so what?} 
sent me an email with a happy birthday coupon for a free blizzard. 

i didn't print out the coupon.
 but after dinner, i couldn't get it out of my mind! 
i haven't had one in probably 6 months.

talk about some successful marketing, ha!

so nicholas {who wouldn't say no to a blizzard, of course} and i drove to the rundown DQ on montgomery street and purchased a delicious oreo blizzard.

{i actually prefer the banana split blizzard, but oreo is a close 2nd.}

we drove around with the windows down, enjoying the warm spring air and our blizzard. 
for every 3 bites i took, i'd give him one. BOP!
we watched the sky change colors as the sun set, explored one of our dream neighborhoods in fort worth, and picked out the houses we'd love to live in. 
{or at least peek inside!}

it wasn't anything fancy, but i love spending time like that with nicholas.
just little moments in love.

1 comment:

French lover said...

Sounds like the perfect evening.
I'm not big on frozen desserts but for some reason I love Dairy Queen. It doesn't exist in France though. And it's closed for half the year in Canada, ha !