Sunday, March 14, 2010

cherry brandy roses and mommie love.

what a fun weekend. 
my mom and nick's mom where both in town from thursday to sunday. 

this was the first time that our moms have met and as my mom said to nick's mom on the way back to the airport, 
"i'm really glad I like you, because that makes this a lot easier." 

i love this picture.

we all met with a florist on friday. i looooove flowers. I'm not too particular about specific flowers, I just want them to look pretty. 
and, "my idea of a beautiful wedding" is evolving. 
I still love the way the yellow looks in that picture, but I haven't been able to actually find any yellow bridesmaid dresses that I like. 

So, we are throwing the yellow out the window and I am moving to a midnight blue. 
{like the color of the shoes in that collage.} 
with "garden-y" flowers in the blush tones and greens and fushias and whites. 

me at the flower shop. 
the florist gave me those beautiful flowers to take home!

the cherry brandy roses were my favorite! 
so colorful and fragrant.

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