Wednesday, March 24, 2010

finally walking on sunshine.

so after scarfing down this gigantic piece of cheesecake and having a minor sobfest about how guilty i feel for spending so much money on a wedding....

{you know, when you start thinking how many car payments you could make with the amount you spent on your wedding gown or how many months of rent the photographer was or the down payment you could have put on a house, but instead it went to the reception catering and open bar.... also known as, my reality check.}

...i am officially out of my funk. 

i really think the sunshine makes a difference.

like this beautiful, sunshiny day at joe t's 
in fort worth, when our mom's were in town


Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

so happy to hear your out of your funk

April said...

Aww, sunshine makes everything better!

Those pictures are precious.

And, I think weddings are too freaking expensive in general. But when you're having a blast at your reception, and are married to your best friend and favorite guy in the world, and will have tons and tons of pictures from said occasion ... you might just think it was worth it :)

Brianna Haggerty said...

Haha, I know how you feel!! It can be completely overwhelming to think of how much money is spent... but then I think of how thrilled I will be to look at the pictures over and over... and also knowing that I will only be doing this once... so I might as well go all out!!

Micaela said...

you have the prettiest hair/smile/ LOVE!

Joe T's... i miss it!!!
i miss Texas!