Wednesday, March 17, 2010

hasta la vista, baby.

we finally narrowed down our honeymoon spot!
mexico honeymoon

we're going to mexico!

Cancun to be exact.

with my credit cards points, we were able to book 5 nights for free!

at Le Méridien Cancun Resort and Spa.

{we'll stay a total of 8 nights, though!}

growing up so closer to mexico {about 20 minutes north of the border}, i've always LOVED mexican food. and in all the travels that I've done, whenever i'm on a beach or somewhere tropical i always want Mexican food - nachos, guacamole, fajitas, enchiladas - but {unless you're in Mexico} its not the same.

so i'm very, very excited to actually go to mexico!

part of the 3-tiered infinity pool

restaurant overlooking the turquoise water

pretty room with balcony.

mayan ruins to explore nearby

hotel and terrace at sunset

now, let's just cross our fingers and say our prayers that we stay safe. 

there have been lots of reports on the news about the violence in mexico. although it's mostly in border towns, we'll still have to be aware of our surroundings and travel smart!


Lauern said...

yayyyyyy looks fun! will you be eating any friiiiiiitos (insert body roll here)with your Mexican food?

April said...

oooh looks beautiful!

hope you guys have fun and stay safe :)

when is the wedding?

L A C E Y said...

sept 5th. 6 months away! :)
I'm ready to go on vacation now though!