Sunday, March 21, 2010

man, i've been in a funk today.

i really was not in the mood to work or study or make dinner or do laundry.


i paid A LOT of money to take an exam this spring that 
would put some more letters after my name. 
unfortunately, with wedding on my brain, i haven't studied AT ALL. 
{and this is definitely a test you have to study for.} 
too bad i'll only get reimbursed if i pass. 
and this is stressing me out just a bit. 
but, instead of studying, i just complain.

have you ever had one of those days? 

i'm going to try to make my self feel better with...


doesn't this look delicious? 


Caroline said...


French lover said...

it does !!
good luck with studying, I'm sure you will pass :)

April said...

Yum yum!

To study effectively for a test like that, you've got to set small goals and plan your days out, because otherwise you'll just stay overwhelmed. Break the material up into small sections.

Good luck!

Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

That cheesecake looks yummy!

Claire said...

Yep the cake looks fab, hope the studying goes well even with Weddings on the brain! I like your blog, your wedding china is Fab!!

Emily said...

Which test? CNSC? Good luck!

L A C E Y said...

yep, CNSC - on april 24th.