Friday, March 19, 2010

no meat fridays.

i've mentioned before that my love is catholic, and i am not.
so during lent, nick doesn't eat any meat on fridays except fish.
this is new to me.

lucky for him, i love seafood.

so today for dinner we decided to enjoy the nice weather {while it lasts}.

lauren and her sweet new love joshie met us for dinner and drinks @ j.j.'s oyster bar. 
a very casual, picnic table style, seafood restaurant in fort worth.

see that guy in the left of the picture?
he was on his iphone, alone, the whole time!

lauren and joshua and nick kept joking that he was reading my blog.
haha. doubtful.


Caroline said...

Have a lovely weekend!! My husband and I are almost vegetarians... if we eat any meat we go out and have it, and at home we make meat free dishes... well almost always!! Any who.. love this sweet blog of yours. xo

Lauren said...

who's the American Gladiator competitor in the scarf? Her arms look like a football player :(

Seriously though, I've had fun with you and Nicky the past few days :)