Monday, March 1, 2010

vegan shmeeegan.

so today is the first day of my vegan experiment 
and i've already cheated - accidentally, though!!

taste wise: so far, so good. 
but, let's just say i'm having to get used to so much extra FIBER! ;)

day one menu

oatmeal w/ vanilla, brown sugar, cinnamon and a dab of smart balance
hazelnut coffee w/ almond milk {loved}


hummus & pita chips
flat bread wrap filled with black beans, corn, red peppers, broccoli, lettuce, salsa
chocolate mousse pie {made from soy}*
*this is where i cheated. my co-worker ashley, who's being vegan for all of lent {!}, made this and after i ate a whole slice, she informed me the crust was made with honey graham crackers. honey is from bees. bees are animals. no animal products on a vegan diet. hence, we cheated. but, i wouldn't have done it knowingly, i promise. 

african red bush tea

brown rice
pinto beans mixed w/ rotel
corn chips
sampling of vegan cheese and vegan sour cream {did not love}

yogi tea

not too bad at all. 
i'm finding that i like the products that just happen to be "vegan" more than vegan 
products that are trying to be something else {i.e. vegan cheese.}


April said...

...that's because vegan products trying to be something else are, typically, fake. vegan products by themselves are basically fruits/vegetables.

i'm all about eating healthy, and eating real food, but i just can't get into the vegan thing. I don't think it's possible to get enough good protein from a vegan diet...

and i also think it's sort of ridiculous that you can't eat honey... (i know, i know, a bee is an animal ... and i'm not trying to hate on the vegans out there ... just SO not the lifestyle for me.)

L A C E Y said...

i know! i cheated again, but this time purposefully. my whole wheat english muffins have honey in them... and I ate one this morning! haha.