Saturday, March 6, 2010

we're moving to china.

just kidding. 
but china has been on our brain. 
well wedding china. 

deciding on our wedding china has been something that i've been putting a lot of thought into. 

not sure why.... i guess with everything else pertaining to the wedding, it just feels like one night. 
i'll carry the bouquet one night. 
i'll wear the dress one night. 
we'll eat the food one night.

but, our china is something that we'll have forever. 
and hopefully, i'll be able to pass it down to my daughter, like my mother is doing for me. 
nicholas and i will celebrate important life moments and holidays and just because with these dishes.

at first i decided to go with a very clean, simple, white china.

 {kate spade Dinnerware, Gardner Street Platinum Collection}

but, a couple days ago, i decided to change our registry and go with a different look.

we found a discontinued china replacement store in fort worth near my apartment.
{it's the 2nd largest in the nation!}

we decided to register for mix and match antique china plus monogrammed classic china.
the best of both worlds.

i'm soooooo excited now! :)

and we were able to hear the stories behind some of the china we chose 
and that makes it even more special.

now on our registry we have:
pickard white w/ scrip monogram in platinum

mixed with:

all sorts of discontinued china


mom's china.

i really want to have a dinner party now!
well, i guess i have to see if we actually get the china we've registered for.

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