Wednesday, March 31, 2010

wine lover.

tonight's menu: 
crispy pepperoni pizza topped with a blend of asiago and mozzarella cheese 
paired with a french rose wine.

{i don't know how to add the accent mark above the e, but it must be pronounced "rose-ay" - it's more fun that way!}

i am a wine enthusiast in the sense that i love drinking wine.
{for example, here and here.} 
red, white and everything in between. 
but, i will not even attempt to tell you whether there's a hint of blueberry or floral undertones
i'm not even sure i could tell the difference between a merlot and a cabernet sauvignon. 
{i've never tried - but that would be a fun experiment!}

lately, i've been really enjoying rose wines. 
its perfect for a warm summer evening on a terrace {or a random wednesday night in}. 
it reminds me of when i first fell in love with rose wine at an amazing beach resort/lounge in monaco.

{monaco, july 2008}

my favorite rose is by Menage a Trois. 
and bonus, it's only about 6 dollars at the grocery.

the description from the website explains it better than i'd be able, too:
Good rosé is like a carnival in your mouth—and not one of your low rent carnivals. We’re talking about your really classy, country faire kind of carnival. Our Ménage à Trois Rosé is the epitome of a good rosè. No pretension, no pretense, just a fruit-laden roller coaster ride of raspberries, strawberries, lychee nuts. 

doesn't that sounds like fun?



Caroline said...

Sounds like a lovely lovely evening!! XO

s + b said...

wine is so sophisticated. great photo!