Wednesday, March 3, 2010

work lunch at spiral diner.

one of the perks of working in the nutrition department at our hospital is that we get free lunches. and, i am very blessed because not all hospitals do this for their dietitians and not all hospital food is as good as our food. 
{i mean, really, our cafeteria food is delicious.} 
i eat in there daily.

but, being vegan is a rare occasion. so for the occasion, we got a group together to try out an all vegan restaurant in fort worth, Spiral Diner
{being only 4 blocks away from the hospital, we should probably go there more often!}
it was pretty good. 

{spiral diner}

i have to admit though, my favorite thing was their vegan ranch dressing. go figure.
as soon as i had it, i thought, hm... maybe i can be vegan longer.

i had a taco salad. pretty standard except the meat wasn't meat 
and the sour cream wasn't really sour cream.

{taco "meat." mexican quinoa. corn. black beans. diced red onion. black olives. avocado slices. shredded carrots. peas. salad greens. sour cream. salsa. corn chips. and loooootttts of ranch.}

{me and my 2 vegan friends, katya and ashley.}

i need a burger.


Post Grad Hair Cut said...

Sounds delicious! Love your blog.

Lauren @thelittlethingswedo said...

brave of you to try going vegan... i don't think i could ever do it. i cut out dairy for awhile and missed cheese far too much :).