Thursday, April 8, 2010

exercising is not my strong point.

since my failed attempt to become a jogger/runner last november, 
i haven't been exercising very much.

well, not at all, to be honest. 

and today was not the start of a wonderful exercise program.

first, i was swarmed by bugs when i was walking outside.

then, i fell off the treadmill in the gym. 
yep, i was looking at nicholas to my right and walked right off the treadmill. 

so graceful.

and so embarrassing.

i wish blogging about exercise gave you the benefits of actually exercising.

i think i'm going to re-join the gym. 
i loved the kickboxing, strength training and yoga classes.


Caroline said...

I love your honesty in this post!! XO

French lover said...

I hear ya ! I need to join the gym, too. But they're not that common (and are super expensive) in France and especially in Paris. So I keep telling myself I'll exercise by myself until I move to Canada... which is not for several months. Haha.

Claire said...

I reeeeeallly need to excersise as i bought a dress which i love but it's very unforgiving material, in the waist department. Maybe we should start a group haha

marisa said...

i fell off my workout schedule too :( i wish i were one of those girls who consistently worked out, but it ends up being weeks of working out, followed by weeks of getting out of shape. awful cycle, but good luck to us!