Sunday, April 4, 2010

i think everybody should like everybody.

after five and a half years living in fort worth, i had never been to the Modern Art Museum.

so for my birthday,
{which is actually on Monday, April 5th}
nicholas took me to the Modern to see the Andy Warhol exhibit {the last decade}.

i felt like i was visiting another city... on a vacation. 
{though we were actually less than 2 miles from my apartment.}

andy warhol's art, by the way, was ridiculous! haha.
one painting was "acrylic and urine on canvas" - ew.
although we did end up purchasing this print.


French lover said...

Pretty pretty pictures ! It's already Monday 5th here in Paris : Joyeux Anniversaire !!!

Belle said...

Happy birthday!!!! (& happy easter!) have a fabulous day doll xx

Micaela said...

you are BEAUTIFUL!

my dearest friend John went to this exhibit and sent me postcards and a book mark. I was so jealous i didn't get a chance to make it to see his work while i was in Texas for my birthday.

one of my favorite art books is warhol's nudes.