Saturday, April 24, 2010

it pays to procrastinate.

usually, i am a procrastinator.
i like to wait until the last minute to do things.

{why do it today, when you can do it tomorrow?}

with the wedding, I decided to make an effort not to procrastinate to prevent last minutes stresses.

well, that was a dumb idea.

or, maybe I just didn't think things through.

you see, i've already designed, ordered, and received our invitations and response cards for our september wedding.

herein lies the problem... all of the envelopes including the response cards have my current address printed on them.

i am moving in june.


what's a girl to do when all the RSVPs are being mailed to someone else?

mail forwarding? beg the next renter at my address to hold on to them and I'll come by and pick them up? toss the envelopes and make the response a postcard? print new envelopes?

i can't believe i just now realized that.

1 comment:

Yelena said...

what a dillema! i hope you get it figured out quickly and efficiently! :)