Monday, April 12, 2010

more birthday love {and other things}.

my birthday celebration was extended another week, 
thanks to my great friends lauren & justine.

check out that loot. i love it all.

especially lauren's homemade and very heartfelt card...

and i opened it up to find...

haha... this year we've had a running joke of making up a birthday song
for each of our friends on their birthday.

we sing it loudly and repeatedly to make the 
birthday girl or boy feel very special/embarrassed.

it started in january with "hogie-bear, the birthday bear"

then in march, when lauren's birthday came around it was "l-dub, the birthday bug"

so lucky for me, i got the sweet "lacey-lu, the birthday poo"

i love my friends.


Caroline said...

This is great!!! Happy Late Birthday!! XO

Micaela said...

this had me laughing!!! :) what a great tradition among friends :) yours wins the cake! i love the hand made card lol