Wednesday, April 28, 2010

our wedding gift from a stranger.

i've been looking for some window panes to use in place of the escort cards at our wedding.
something like either of these...

i saw some on craigslist, but it seemed more of a pain and more than i wanted to spend {$35-$40 each}.
so today i stopped by The Butler's Antiques on 8th Street in Fort Worth, an antique shop, to see if they had any old window panes.

i described what i was looking for, and the lady at the counter sent me out back.
that place had alllll kinds of things. mostly it was junk, but a lot of it just needed some TLC.
old patio sets, rocking chairs, iron headboards, tables, and window panes!

after digging around a bit, i found two window panes that would be perfect!

AND the owner gave them to me as a wedding present.
he even cut glass to replace 2 panes that were missing.
how sweet was that!?!

looks like i have a little DIY project to work on soon!


The Baethges said...

What a wonderful idea!!!

Anna said...

those will be beautiful! and what a sweetheart giving them as a wedding gift!