Sunday, April 18, 2010

slight change of plans.

this is where i'll be with my husband in september:




although we originally planned for a honeymoon in mexico,
we've decided to go to Maui, Hawaii instead!!

after discussions with my dad about the increasing violence in mexico, we chose to re-think our location.
{the violence has really started the infiltrate the more touristy places, 
in addition to the border areas.}

after all, we don't want to have to worry about anything on our honeymoon.

Hawaii was one of our top choices and seems like a much safer, smarter idea. 

i am so thrilled with our new spot!
neither nick or i have been to hawaii.

yesterday,we cancelled all of the reservations to mexico and re-booked everything in hawaii!
 i also bombarded nicholas with all the hawaiian i know...

aloha. mele kalikimaka. mahalo!

{that's about it}

can't wait to start reading travel books and figure out what we want to do!

{photos from here}


Anna said...

hawaii sounds wonderful for a honeymoon! these photos are beautiful!

Weekend Cowgirl said...

Hawaii will be just about perfect. Mexico probably not a good choice now. September is going to be so special!!!

jackiek said...

i just found your blog!
i went to hawaii in august and it was absolutely one of the best vacations I ever went on {I went to Maui too}

make sure you:
go paddle boarding and surfing
go scuba diving and snorkeling
eat the feta cheese and lettuce and lavender ice cream... YUM!
sit out on the beach and enjoy the sun
buy a lei
go ocean kayaking

there's so much to do and i promise you, everywhere you look it looks like you're looking at a postcard! it's gorgeous!