Friday, April 30, 2010

sometimes, when i go to the grocery store, i want to run into my patients.

{and the patients that i'm referring to are the Cardiac Rehab patients that i see twice a week. 
I teach them allllll about a heart healthy diet.}

when i'm being a really good dietitian at the store, i secretly wish i would see a patient. they'd glance into my basket, and think wow - this girl really practices what she preaches. they'd tell all their cardiac rehab friends that i had healthy things in my basket, too.

take last week for example. my basket was filled with fresh fruit and vegetables, almond milk, whole wheat pasta, tomato basil sauce, yogurt, red wine, 2% mozzarella cheese, whole wheat english muffins, and extra lean ground beef.

very healthy and well balanced. 

today, however, i did NOT want to see anyone i know. 

if you took a look into my basket today, you would've thought it some frat guy's grocery selections.

frozen pizza.
beer. lots of beer.*
2 bottles of wine. cheap wine.
3 cans of chili. without beans.
a bag of cheese. a huge one.
frozen taquitos. 60.*
corn tortillas.

{i also had a couple of avocados, an onion and a birthday card - but those aren't too fratty.}

i always feel so guilty buying things a dietitian shouldn't be buying.

granted the beer and taquitos are for our cinco de mayo party - so i won't be consuming that all by myself.

still, i was so nervous one of my patients would walk on by and their jaw would drop to the floor after one glance at all the junk in my basket. 

thank goodness i've never actually seen any of my patients at the grocery store.

everything in moderation, though. right?!?

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