Sunday, May 30, 2010

banana bread.

someone once told me if your bananas are getting a little too brown to eat, throw them in the freezer. 
once you have a few, you can make really good banana bread, because it's better when the bananas are really ripe.

now what?!?
the frozen bananas are taking over my freezer and I've yet to make Banana Bread!! 
they just keep piling up. there are currently 9 in there.
{that enough for banana bread, right?}

nick just flew out to california until friday for business.
i'd be the best fiancee in the world if there was a loaf of homemade banana bread waiting for him when he gets home next weekend. don't ya think?

so here is my plan for this week:

1. find a delicious banana bread recipe.
2. buy all the ingredients i need.
3. make banana bread for my love.

where are the best recipes online? 
i usually check out cooking light first... any other tips?


April said...

I like for "non-official" recipes. It's nice, cause you can look in the comments section and see what other people liked and didn't like and changed.

As for an actual already-established cookbook/recipe person - you can't go wrong with the Barefoot Contessa :)

callie said...

go to artisan baking company on-line. click on her seasonal muffin recipe.use the bananas for the fruit portion. bake in loaf pans for banana bread. best recipe I've ever used!!!!