Monday, May 17, 2010

blog identity dilemma.


i know i have a few friends out there that speak french. if you are reading this, i need your help.
back in october, when i started this blog, i wanted to name it love, lacey. but that was taken.
i like french. it sounds so romantic. so i thought i'd say love, lacey in french.
well, i don't speak french, so i did a little google search and up comes mille baisers which i think translates to lots of kisses.

today, just being a little curious, i googled mille baisers and some not-so-good slang translations of what that means came up. i won't repeat it. but, if your curious, you can google it. trust me, though - its not pretty.

so, if you speak french please tell me if the title of my blog is horribly offensive! i'm thinking about changing it either way, but i can't think of anything creative right now!

at least i know what faux pas means. i think...


Yelena said...

oh my. that's not good! :/
i hope you figure it out. :)

jackiek said...

i think you're safe... everything that came up for me was "a thousand kisses". i like it :)

lydia. said...

i'm pretty sure you're in the clear!
i took french for four years.
and i can't think of anything negative it would be.
mille is thousand.
baisers is kisses.

Bree said...

Everything I googled came up 'lots of kisses.'

But just to be sure, my bf speaks french and I just texted him; he says it means 1000 kisses, he's pretty sure haha :)

Kate said...

hi lacey! thanks for your sweet comment today! i think your blog title is ADORABLE as is and you should leave it! i speak french fluently and my blog title is french but i really do love yours. anyway, have a good day! bisoux!

Natalie said...

I speak *very butchered* french and I also took it for it's literal translation of a thousand kisses.

I wouldn't worry about it too much. I'm sure any native french speakers that run across your blog have had a translation issue or two somewhere along the way as well and can relate. :)

Punctuation Mark said...

didn't think it was that bad but i guess if you feel insecure about it you can modify it a bit

Belle said...

Ah your so cute!! Mille baisers means "a thousand kisses" (I adore your title, please don't change it!) I also asked Mat what it meant and if there is a horrible translation of it and he said "uhh (he uhhs a lot when he thinks of words) it means a thousand kisses, mille works for desert too like the mille feuille which means a thousand layers - you like that desert no?" Me: "yes I like it a lot! but does it mean anything bad?" him: "mmm, no i think not."

So i think your safe, it was approved by a frenchman :p

gros bisous xx

French lover said...

So sorry to pitch in so late, I didn't see your comment until today ! So just like Belle said, you're absolutely fine and Mille Baisers is a very lovely blog name :)