Thursday, May 27, 2010

busy little bee.

wow, i've had a lot going on recently! i've been doing a lot of wedding things. like organizing contracts to make sure all my payments are on schedule, reading contracts, mailing deposits, etc. 

i have major wedding A.D.D. though. 
as soon as I start a task, I think of something else I have to do. 
i've gotten about halfway through 3 different blog posts, but then I get distracted and never finish or post it. 
this post is just to break the silence for the last week here at mille baisers blog.

I finally started writing everything down.
my current To-Do list is about 25 bullets long!

i also am way behind in google reader and haven't watched this week's Glee. {ugh}

back to it. :)

1 comment:

April said...

just saying... i mean i know all that other stuff is important ... but glee should be at the very tip top of that to do list. this week's episode was, IMO, the best to date.

and then after you watch glee... good luck with everything else!