Monday, May 24, 2010

girls weekend in austin.

my wonderful friend from college, Allison, is getting married next month. to celebrate her last weeks as a single lady, we had a fantastic bachelorette party weekend in Austin, Texas. it was a blast!
Austin is an awesome city for a bachelorette party.
our first night was just unbelievable. seriously, if you want to have a night on the town and not spend a dime - just make one of your friends wear a veil and a sash that says "Future Mrs. _________".
the first stop was at Moonshine {modern home cooked foods}. the place didn't take reservations, and even showing up at 9:15pm, we still were going to have to wait about an hour to be seated. {it was also graduation weekend for the University of Texas - so everywhere was going to be busy!}. we moved over to the bar area to wait, and a group of guys offered to buy us a round of shots... SURE, why not!? let the celebration begin. well, they ended up buying ALL of our drinks and our dinner! {there were 7 of us girls} i'm not sure how much everything cost, but this place wasn't cheap! there were about 12 guys in this party, probably in their upper 30s and most of them had wedding rings on, nice/normal... not sure why they were inclined to pay for all of our stuff, but it was fine by us!
we thanked them and parted ways after dinner.
the rest of the evening went on in the same fashion... free champagne, free shots, free drinks, free cover, no waiting in lines, etc. it was so much fun.

if you've never been to or heard of 6th Street in Austin... it's pretty much a whole street that is blocked off in the evening lined with bar after bar after bar. it is so crowded and feels like everyone in the city is out to have a good time.
we even had our bachelorette up dancing on a bar! this one bar on 6th street called the Dizzy Rooster asked her for her ID when she got to the bar, then the bartender put her ID and a shot in the rafters in the ceiling above the bar. if she wanted her ID and drink, she had to climb up there to get it! it was so funny. here's a video clip of it! you can hear us girls cheering her on in the background.
the rest of our weekend included a lingerie shower, some pool time, brunch and mimosas, more bar hopping, a bachelorette scavenger hunt and a lot of laughs.
some of the things on the bachelorette scavenger hunt:
1. take a picture with the cast of Jersey Shore
2. kiss a chinese man with a mustache on the cheek
3. find a guy with an out of state ID
4. rub criss angel's dragon tattoo

allison is such a great sport and i'm so happy to be one of her bridesmaids. she has a great sense of humor, is gorgeous, giving and lots and lots of fun!
congratulations, allison!


Caroline said...

What a cute post! My sister was just in Austin. I love that red dress. Enjoy your Monday! xo

Kinsey Michaels said...

This post is just adorable. Austin looks like a REALLY fun city, I'd love to check it out sometime. You looked great in that red dress! That's so awesome those guys picked up your drinks and dinner, how nice of them!!

French lover said...

Sounds like a great weekend ! I love your red dress !!

Claire said...

Fabulous! I'm not surprised you got free drinks all night you all look like models!! :)

s + b said...

that looks SO FUN! and i am LOVING those cowgirl boots.

Celeste said...

looks like so much fun! by the way i LOVE your dress :)